Dental Implants

Stable and Secure Teeth Replacement in Corbin, KY

Dental Implants in Corbin, KY - Cumberland Falls Family DentistryMissing adult teeth need to be replaced. It’s not just a matter of appearance. All your teeth must be present to prevent bone loss in your jaw and keep your remaining teeth from moving out of position.

Dental implants are an excellent solution for teeth loss. The dental implant itself is a titanium “screw” that is surgically inserted into your jaw. The implant integrates with your bone over the next few months for secure positioning. Your dental implants can then be completed with permanent restorations such as crowns or implant-retained dentures.

Dental implants allow you to enjoy both a natural appearance and excellent function from your prosthetic teeth. You’ll be able to eat your favorite foods and have the confidence to show your attractive smile. Furthermore, dental implants will prevent the progressive bone loss that often results from missing teeth.

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