Same-Day Crowns

Same-Day Crowns in Corbin, KY with CEREC

Same-Day Crowns in Corbin, KY - Cumberland Falls Family DentistryCrowns are among the most common and versatile dental restorations. A crown can protect a tooth suffering from decay or cracks and provide much-needed reinforcement. Additionally, crowns are commonly placed over teeth after root canals. Modern crowns not only look great, but they can also help preserve your natural teeth.

Traditionally, receiving a permanent crown takes at least two dental visits. However, that’s not the case at Cumberland Falls Family Dentistry. Dr. Coleman creates permanent crowns on-site with the CEREC system instead of sending the work off to a remote dental laboratory. This system means that you can receive your final crown in a single visit rather than needing to have a temporary crown and then returning again for a permanent version.

We respect your time at Cumberland Falls Family Dentistry, and we always strive to provide our patients with convenience. Please contact us at (606) 528-7730 now for new crowns, replacement crowns, or any other dental need.